Rollators (also referred to as “rolling walkers” or “wheeled walkers” or “walkers with wheels”) are walking aids comprised of a frame and three or four large wheels. See more

Great for traveling, many models also feature an attachable bag or a built-in seat. Generally, rollators are heavier than standard walkers, but their wheels reduce friction, making them just as easy to move around. If you’re struggling to make a decision between the two, try both styles and see what feels most natural. If lifting and maneuvering your standard walker is a struggle, you may want to opt for a wheeled variant, but if maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a rolling walker, you may need the support offered by a standard model.

We carry all the best rollators and can accommodate users of all sizes. You’ll find such brands as Lumex, Everest & Jenning, Medline and Drive. We also have an extensive rollator accessories section, where you’ll find a variety of customization options to help ensure that any model you buy is a perfect fit.

Did you know ? wheelchairs, walkers and rollators are free of GST/PST/HST.

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