Medic Depot is one of the many Web divisions of Origin Media Group Inc., based in Quebec City. It was in 2013 that this web marketing company was born, it now includes several sectors of activity including medical devices and life support, sports and leisure, not to mention the apparel industry. This demonstrates their great versatility and skills in each of its areas.

She is a solid company that aims to always offer the latest products. The passion they share can be seen in the quality of the products and services they offer to their customers. Their success is based on hard work and constant determination to innovate and offer high-end products at the best prices.

The Origin Media Inc. team is comprised of managers, buyers, designers and consultants. Together, the staff has several decades of experience, but is nonetheless looking to the future. He does not just follow the competition; it opens new avenues for the future in the search for new technologies and innovative trends.