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Call us for information about our wheelchair

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Medic Depot specializes in home care equipment, wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walkers, walkers, bathroom accessories, wheelchair accessories and a wide range of pillow shams and mite mattress pads. We are constantly looking for new equipment of the latest technologies to assist you in your daily life and improve your quality of life. We are specialists in home life support equipment. Autonomy is safety, prevention of falls and safe home adaptation.

We set ourselves the goal of being the first all-Canadian online business to offer mobility support products to audiences at a discounted and above all, affordable price. We want to make them accessible to everyone.

We have the best prices on the market and we care about offering the best service to our customers. We are proud to offer high quality mobility aids at a fraction of the price!

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We offer free home delivery anywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

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